On Demand Webinars

The Power to take Full Control of Life after Stoma Formation

Aims and Objectives

This webinar will explore the presenter’s experience of designing a best-practice pathway to provide patients with the power to take control of life after stoma formation. At each stage, this interactive session will involve the audience and draw on conversations with patients who have first-hand experience of being on this pathway – which was co-authored by the presenter as part of a taskforce to raise the profile of stoma care nurses.

The webinar will unpack what goes into developing an evidence-based bestpractice pathway, to ensure that it protects patient safety, promotes adherence and provides access to expert support. It will also be a live demonstration of the value that collaborating with patients, by soliciting and responding to their feedback, can have for service improvement.

The session will emphasise the importance of responding with flexibility, both to individual patient needs and to external challenges (such as a pandemic), as well as going above and beyond the minimum standards set by guidelines and pathways. Finally, the presenter will show how all of this can be used to raise the profile of specialist stoma care nursing, in a way that demonstrates value, makes a positive impact for patients and helps break down the sense of stigma around having a stoma.

This webinar aims to empower participating stoma care nurses to:

  • This webinar aims to empower participating stoma care nurses to.
  • Understand the development of an evidence-based best-practice pathway for safe and supportive stoma care.
  • Actively collaborate with patients to improve service quality.
  • Respond flexibly to patient needs and external challenges, beyond the minimum standards set by guidelines.
  • Raise the profile of stoma care nursing, demonstrate value and break stigma around having a stoma.

Easy Intimacy and Restful Sleep, free from Ostomy Interruption


This webinar will endeavour to explore how having a stoma affects intimacy and sleep patterns, based on the presenter’s understanding of patient expectations before stoma-forming surgery, as well as their experiences after. Major surgery can have significant physical and psychological impacts on every aspect of a persons’ life, and this webinar aims to give specialist stoma care nurses the necessary confidence to address them.

Some of the most impactful changes involve alterations in a person’s body image, which can present major challenges to their self-confidence and intimate lives. Stoma care nurses need to be able to address this difficult topic. This begins with understanding that intimacy means different things to different people. The webinar will identify the value of building a therapeutic relationship with ostomates, and how listening to their experiences can provide an understanding of the importance of confidently and empathetically broaching this subject at a time of great change. It also will briefly cover the physical difficulties that can affect sleep pattern, describing how stoma nurses can understand and help ostomates overcome fear of leaks, a noisy stoma and anxiety when staying away from home to achieve a good night’s sleep.

The session will also present opportunities to hear the voices of those who are living with a stoma. These people will share their experiences to enable stoma care nurses to enhance their practice. The session will also emphasise the importance of communication, as well as of signposting ostomates to other clinicians and support networks, who can improve the everyday experience of life with a stoma.

Learning Objectives

This webinar aims to empower participating stoma care nurses to:

  • Actively engage ostomates to talk about intimacy.
  • Help ostomates achieve a healthy sleep pattern.
  • Understand how a supportive therapeutic relationship can build confidence.
  • Listen to patients, respond to their needs and learn from what they have to say.

The Freedom to Show Off a Stoma or Keep it Discreet

Aims and Objectives

Stoma formation can have a profound impact on an individual’s body image and sense of self-worth. This webinar will explore how stoma care nurses can support their patients by helping them to develop resilience, confidence and bravery. This support can help ostomates resume their lives and live them to the full. Throughout the webinar, the presenter will share a selection of relevant research and consider ways in which stoma care nurses can make use of this research in their practice. The session will include a discussion with Annie, an ostomate who has been celebrated as one of Cornwall most inspirational women. This recognition followed Annie’s viral contribution to the ‘Get your belly out’ social media campaign, which she made after hearing about a 10-year-old boy who took his own life following bullying due to his ostomy. This made her determined to raise awareness and normalise having a stoma. Annie’s experience illustrates how stoma care nurses can work with ostomates to challenge public perceptions of having an stoma.

This webinar aims to empower participating stoma care nurses to:

  • Understand the links between stoma-forming surgery, body image and selfconception.
  • Assist ostomates in building confidence and emotional resilience.
  • Apply stoma care research to everyday clinical practice.
  • Work with patients to challenge public perceptions of having an ostomy.